The Lost Star

After hearing the stories about her father and aunt at Larklight, Mavis Mumby wants adventure of her own. But with her mother's constant reprimanding she's not allowed to, until one faithful night she and her irritable cousin Darcy stumble upon an ancient generator that transports them into the different dimensions of the past. Like stumbling onto the ancient civilization of the cat people of planet Lorg, Now they must find a way home before the time wholr closes and they become part of the past permanately.


2. Dinner with the weird creatures...and the space pirates.

At six o'clock sharp, Aunt Myrtle Uncle Jack and my cousins Carlyle and Darcy arrive. The service butlers let them in and it is all very awkward. Carlyle and I great each other as normally as possible but Darcy refuses to look at me. Mother merely glances in my aunt's direction and Father tries his best to greet Uncle Jack.

"Ello Art, been quite sometime since I've been here." Uncle Jack says.

'Indeed, nearly fourteen years." Father agrees.

There is silence as everyone feels the tension in the room. I swear to you it was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

"Well, shall we eat?" Mother says through clenched teeth.

"I hope it's alright Courtney, but I have my crew along and they are rather famished." Uncle Jack said.

At that moment two bodies burst through the doors and Mother and I jumped in surprise because a giant blue lizard dressed in an evening gown and a crab like squid man walked into the main parlor. I ducked behind Father who didn't seemed flustered at all. In fact none of my relatives moved as the creatures entered the house, as if this was all something they were accustomed to.

"Knipper!" my father exclaimed as he embraced the crab squid.

"Art! It's so good to see you friend!" the one called Knipper said.

"HeellloooArrrt," the blue lizard said flicking its tongue as it spoke so it made a rather hiss like noise.

"Sssillicia! You look lovely, relieved of your queenly duties I see?" father said embracing her as well.

"Yesss, being a ssssppaccee pirate isss much more fun."

Father smiled then introduced my mother as I moved to hide behind Carlyle, acting like a scared child.

"Knipper  Sil, this is my wife, Courtney. Courtney these are some very old friends of mine." Father said.

"Hello Mrs. Mumby, is most lovely to meet you." Knipper said extending a claw to her.

Mother shook it or grasped it rather and then turned to me the blue lizard woman.

"Your dress is lovely." Mother offered a compliment.

"Thank yooouu, yourrss isss alssso lovely." Sil responded.

Mother returned the thanks and then greeted Uncle Jack and Aunt Myrtle as civil as she could.

"Art who is this young one?" Knipper asked as he gestured with a claw towards me, once all the greeting or half-made greeting were made.

"Oh this is my daughter Mavis, Mavis sweetheart come here." Father said to me.

I moved from behind my cousin as I faced the creatures trying not to look them in the eye. This was also very strange and new. Father was very happy, and not the happy I was acquainted with, but he was very excited. Mother seemed very uncomfortable but not off put by the strange civil creatures in our parlor.

"Come Mavis, there's nothing to be afraid of." Father assured me.

I stood in front of Knipper did a curtsy before extending my hand like Mother had taught me.

"Hello sir, my name is Mavis Amelia Mumby, how do you do?"

"Hello there Mavis, my name is Knipper lovely to meet yer." Knipper said and embraced me with a hug. It was very unusual to be hugged by a squid crab man, I didn't quite know how to react. His skin was hard like a shell and cold, but his hug was indeed very warm. I then addressed Sil and she curtsied and also embraced me. Her skin was very scaly  but smooth not scratchy or bumpy.

"She looks just like your mum Art, but she has your eyes." Knipper said to Father.

"I quite think Darcy looks like Mother." Aunt Myrtle said suddenly.

I looked to my cousin Darcy and shook my head, I'd seen pictures of my grandmother and Darcy looked nothing like her. Darcy's hair was straight and golden brown, and she had grey eyes, which were magnified by huge spectacles that she wore. My Grandmother called Emily, had long, dark and curly hair and blue eyes, father has green ones much like me.

Father rolled his eyes and mother placed a hand on his arm.

"Shall we sit down for dinner then?" she asked again.

"Yes, lets. Come everyone." Father said taking my hand as we lead the way into the dinning room.

Father sat at the head of the table and with Mother on his left, Knipper on the right. Next to Knipper was Sil and then Uncle Jack. At the other end of the table was Aunt Myrtle with Darcy right by her side. Next to her was Carlyle and I sat on his other side. Again came the awkwardness as no one really spoke during the salad course. The dinner-bots also seemed tense as they were to be in tip-top shape for dinner. Everything was going well until Darcy and Carlyle began to argue.

"Mummy Carlyle keeps bumping me." Darcy whined.

"I am not."

"Enough you too." Uncle Jack sighed.

"So Jack." Father began. "How are the rest of the crew?"

"Oh they're fantastic Art, all very happy. Not much space pirating going on at the moment, mostly duties to her majesty on the royal guard."

"Really? Still on after fifteen years? How do you manage?"

"Oh its all very-"

"Arthur we need to talk." Aunt Myrtle interrupted.

Father looked taken back then looked at her. "After dinner Myrtle."

'Now Arthur." Aunt Myrtle insisted.

"Now is not the time, and you're being awfully rude, being the supposed lady that you are."

Aunt Myrtle gasped.

Mother tried her best to call in the next course without appearing blunt. I looked to Carlyle who shook his head and looked down at his plate.

"How dare you Arthur I am much more of a lady then she would ever hope to be." Aunt Myrtle said pointing at my mother.

"Myrtle!" Uncle Jack spat out his food. "That was highly uncalled for."

"I apologize Myrtle," Mother began, "I didn't realize that being a lady meant being selfish and rude."

"I don't think you like your tone."

"Well that's the first time you've ever used your head now, isn't it?" Mother retorted.

Knipper and Sil tried their best to calm the situation but their efforts were of no use.

"It's all your fault." Darcy said suddenly to me.

"Shut up Darcy!" Carlyle shouted.

"Carlyle Nathan Havock! Your language! Apologize to your sister at once!" Aunt Myrtle said horrified"

"No." he said simply.

"What?" Aunt Myrtle said out ragged.

"She was rude to my cousin, I will not apologize until she does." Carlyle said looking at his mother squarely.

"Apologize to that brat? You can't be serious Carlyle, I'm your sister." Darcy sniffed.

"I am not a brat." I said rather quietly.

"No you are not, Mavis." Mother said wrapping her arm around me.

"Oh go on, fill her head with stories and lies, your good at that." Aunt Myrtle groaned. "You really have something here Arthur, a poor uneducated woman for a wife, and a little girl who hasn't even grown into her ears, Ha!"

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" Father screamed as he rose out of his seat and pounded his fist on the dinning table.

Everyone was quiet, even Myrtle.

"How dare you come into this house and act so atrocious to my wife and my child. I will not stand for it, I want you out of here!"

"You are throwing me out?!" Myrtle screeched leaning forward in her seat.

"Enough Myrtle." Uncle Jack said darkly.

"Jack do not talk to me like that. And you Arthur have no right to make me leave I am your sister! I am the eldest!"

"You are an atrocious horrible human being. You are no sister of mine, tomorrow morning I will have a document written up, you will never step foot in Larklight again!" Father shouted.

At that moment Darcy whispered, "Stupid Mavis," and I bolted from the table.

I ran all the way to my room and locked the door. I felt the hot tears sting my eyes and stain my face. I never have been more hurt and upset. Mother was right Aunt Myrtle had a reason of coming here tonight, and it was not to reconcile. I climbed into bed and turned out the light and tried to forget abut the horrible evening.




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