Being a father

^.^ I suck at these so just read the first chapter


2. Meeting up with Niall

Autumn heard the door. She checked up on Kimberlee and Made sure she was in her arms like she was all the time. Autumn opened the door. It was Niall who she hasn't seen in two years! " NIALL OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" He said, " I missed you too. Now let me see my beautiful niece." She handed Kimberlee to him. He snuggled her and said," Your dad may not care but i do." "Uncle.. Niall!" She had to think about how to say Niall. Niall fell in love with that child. While Niall was being all lovey dovey to Kimberlee, Autumn was introducing herself to everyone. " Hi i'm Autumn. Hi i'm Autumn. Hi i'm Autumn. Hi I'm Autumn." She properly shaked each hand. Harry had a feeling that Kimberlee was his daughter. He remember the one night stand.

" Can we stay here a few night Beautiful? Please ?" "Niall You dont have to beg you and the mates are welcome anytime" Autumn said glady with a smile on her face.

Harry took Autumn's arm and whispered, " I know Kimberlee is my daughter."

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