Brittany is just your average directioner untel she meets perrie Zayn's gf and long story short is forced to go out with louis Tomlinson


2. time to go;)

Brittany's pov

*They don't know how special you are they don't know what my heart they can say anything they want cause they don't know about us*time to get up and get the gurls I've gota make shure not to wake up mum and dad I got my bags put them in my car and got dash and left Alexis was in the passenger seat Nikki behind me than Haley behind Alexis kiss you by one direction came on and we danced and sang along until we got to the airport we had our small dogs with us and had first class seats there's not much people in first class except us and someone else she sat by me hi I'm Brittany hi I'm perrie are you Zayn Malik's girlfriend yes your lucky to have him yes I am why aren't you screaming because you guys are just normal people that have abnormal jobs I like you here give your phone here's mine I'll put my number in yours and you put yours in mine I put my phone number in perrie's phone my name in there is superwoman;)<3 in mine perrie put her name as perrie;)<3 superwoman yup I love superman so does my friend louis but you probley already know that yup my name is superwoman in all my fiends phones isent it Nikki yes every time you call the super man theme song goes off and it says incoming call from superwoman haha I like you guys your like the boys give me your phones so I can put my number in them here's mine put your numbers in perrie's is the same as the one she put in mine Haley's is catwoman;)<3 Nikki's is batwoman;)<3:3 Alexis is Irish gurl;)<3 that's what they put on everyone's phones that have our numbers.

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