Brittany is just your average directioner untel she meets perrie Zayn's gf and long story short is forced to go out with louis Tomlinson


1. one direction tickets;)

Brittany's pov

I'm going to a one direction concert ahhhhhh I'm so fucking happy thank you mum and dad i love you so much ok Brittany calm down holy shit there VIP tickets yep I love you honey stop crying mum there I I'm just so happy there's four of them so I'm gonna take Nikki and of corse me and Haley and Alexis I'm gonna call them I give my mum and dad a hug and kiss thank you so much ok love you honey love you to

Cov with Alexis

B.Hey Alexis can you Haley and Nikki come over today.

A.shure we where on our way to your house right now anywise so ya be there soon.

B. ok



Cov over

20 mins later

hey gurl look what I got four tickets to see one direction and there VIP.HOLY SHIT WHO ARE YOU TAKING. I'm gonna take you gurls AHHHHHH thank you go home and pack because our flight to London leaves at 1:00am and where gona be there for the whole summer break YAY three whole moths in London ahhhh you can Sneak your dog on bored my dog dash is gonna fit in my purse I have one made just to get him on a plane haha let's go pack rember to wake up before 1:00 am ok bye bye.

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