Brittany is just your average directioner untel she meets perrie Zayn's gf and long story short is forced to go out with louis Tomlinson


3. New places;)

Perrie's pov

I looked over at Brittany she's talking in her sleep her and Lou are just like each outher it's cute they both like superman and carrots there loud and funny and they talk in sleep and are annoying they should meet they'd be the best of friends ms do you won't something no thank you does she I don't know let me see wake up Brittany. WHAT IM UP GOD DAM!!!do you won't something oh yes are carrots on the menu yes hell yes I won't all your carrots that's a lot give meeeee haha just give her a bag ok here THANK YOU hey b I'm gonna call someone ok.

Cov with louis

Louis: wats up sass masta form dancasta speaking.

Perrie:hey louis.

Louis:what's up.

Perrie:I have this girl you shuld talk to she's beside me can I put her on.

Louis:ok put her on.

Perrie:ok here Brittany I have someone for youto talk to.

Brittany:HI superwoman speaking.

Louis:hi this is louis William Tomlinson.

Brittany:hi I'm Brittany Nicole Stevens

Louis:do you like superman.

Brittany:holy shit yes he's the best.

Louis:YAY someone who has taste what are you doin.

Brittany:stuffing my face with carrots.

Louis: you like carrots me to yay a friend I wish I had your number so we could talk more where are you.

Brittany:well me perrie and my friends are in a cab perrie and us are gonna stay in the same hotel.

Louis:omg where staying in that hotel we can share a room.

Brittany:omg we can.

Louis: I'm in room 102 and no one will share with me.

Brittany:ok we can share

Louis:yay ok bye

Brittany: ok bye

Cov over

Here perrie I'm gonna share a room with louis ok then thank you.

40mins later

Brittany's pov

Here we are room 102 *knock knock* who's there Brittany oh hii come in you have to let me in oh sorry hey b what's up can I come in yup here's your bed ok holy shit you have a puppy yes come here dash awwww he's soo cute thanks did you sneak him in yes haha there stupid hey can I have your number shure here's my phone put yours in and mine in your phone while I in pack some stuff ok done here what's my name in yours the carrot queen<3 in mine yours is the carrot king aka tommo<3 haha that's good names yup every you call or text me I'll know my queen is calling or texting and you the same but I'll know my king is bugging me yup let's go see the boys and your friends yes you can meet the boys and I can meet the girls yay let's go to Liam's room. Ok grab dash ok come here boy.

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