Our destines

How it happens we don't know but we have superpowers


1. how it started

Louis pov

We had just finshed a concert and my girlfriend Brittany came up here to kiss me hey babe did you like our concert shur did like awlase then we where kissing and then we heard Niall saying ewwwwww that's gross I walk in here to see my twin sister and one of my mates making out. agggg Niall your so immature so are you Brittany and I'm older than you oh yay by one hour so I'm an hour older than you haha. So you two what do you won't to go we should go walk around London why because we have not been here before oh ok I'll get the rest of one way ok and plus Niall has a crush on Alexis no I don't do to fine I do. Come on boys and girls let's go yay 1hour later ahhhh omg it's one direction and one way shit run can do let's hide there Brittany pointed at an abndin building let's go we ran in holy shit this is terrorizing Alexis said Niall agreed yup louis look a light lets go check it out Brittany said let's go hell no louis Brittany get back here Liam and Nikki said no fine were coming yesssss oh we have visitors shit Then they made us pass out I woke up ahhh louis your up we won't to tri something he then pored blue goo on me I felt my strength and speed increase and I broke the chains.

Niall's pov

They pored blue goo on me then I said fucking assholes I then turned into a snake and slivered out of the room.

Harry's pov

Blue goo does not look good on me assholes then I grew a fucking big cat tale cat ears and I had claws and slashed the chains.

Liam's pov

I was beyond pissed this is all Brittany and Louis falt they pored blue goo on me I then liffed the keys to the chains in the air with my mind and unlocked myself.

Zayn's pov

My fucking hair my zap tatto then lit up an short lighting at my chains.

Brittany's pov

Blue goo Ewwwwww nasty then my body temp heated up and my hair was on fire and I melted the chains.

Haley's pov

I morphed my arm in to a sword and cut the chains.

Nikki's pov

I stretched my arm and legs out of the chains holy shit cool.

Alexis pov

My hair turend into water an I shot water at my chains and they rusted and fell off.

Emily's pov

I shot ice shards at my chains and broke them.

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