Opposite worlds

One way are a girl band one directions girl friends louis gf is Brittany Niall's is Jada Zayn's is Emily Harry's is Haley and Liam's is Nikki they all get sent through a portal and get sent to an opposite world and they met there opposites there world is in danger one direction and one way have to help them save there world from the zombies.


4. Nikki and nick

Nick's pov

Hey love shhh it's ok wats your name nikki where's Liam who's Liam my boyfriend was he with you love why yes he was he's probley with with one of the others oh my names nick ok nice name where we goin to that bar stay quiet ok I will but why so zombies don't eat us I put my hand over her mouth shhhhhh sorry now we have to get across the street with out being noticed shhhh come on be quiet ok let's go.

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