Opposite worlds

One way are a girl band one directions girl friends louis gf is Brittany Niall's is Jada Zayn's is Emily Harry's is Haley and Liam's is Nikki they all get sent through a portal and get sent to an opposite world and they met there opposites there world is in danger one direction and one way have to help them save there world from the zombies.


7. Louis and Lindsey

Lindsey's pov

He's cute but he's way out of my league I'm here yes Blake's here louis who the hell is that then a girl pushed me and sat by the boy what did she push me for oh I'm sorry it's just that this is my boyfriend oh that's her boyfriend oh now I get it I was with Blake so we could be like them*sighs*

Louis pov

I woke up to see Brittany laying beside me hey man you up now I herd a voce say who's there the names Blake Blake Horan hi I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm Lindsey Tomlinson who's she oh Brittany Horan my girlfriend she must be tired ya we walked here what do you mean well I mean me and my crew found you guys and zombies where everywhere so we each grabbed one and I told them to meet here so ya we saved you guys oh thanks and DID YOU SAY FUCKING ZOMBIES yes why

Brittany's pov

Hey good morning babe hey louis to you to so babe what dot freak out but where in an opposite universe and they have zombies everywhere.

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