Opposite worlds

One way are a girl band one directions girl friends louis gf is Brittany Niall's is Jada Zayn's is Emily Harry's is Haley and Liam's is Nikki they all get sent through a portal and get sent to an opposite world and they met there opposites there world is in danger one direction and one way have to help them save there world from the zombies.


1. how it all happens

Louis pov

We just finished what makes you beautiful and one way ran on started and finished there song I'm trouble. After that Brittany screamed goodnight directioners and wayers made a stupid face and ran off stage and kissed me. She's the best so babe what do you want to do. Well me you the lads and the girls could go to a club. Ya sounds good, brittany get the girls. Ok. Lou you get the lads, boys were going to a club with the girls. They all say in sync lets go ok Brittany and the girls are right beside there lads 1 hour later where here 1 hour later where all tipsy and then we hit the floor.

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