Makaila's story

Makaila is having to move and that's not always easy. She is 16 and has lived in Olympia, Washington ever since she was little. Her parents don't know what she thinks about this, they never bother to ask her. Find out what goes on in her life and what she has to say about things.


1. Intoduction

Makaila is a sixteen year old girl who lives in Olympia, Washington and is having to move before the start of a new school year. She is only two years away from graduating, and doesn't know why her parents are making her move. Makaila is frustrated because her parents never asked her about it, they never ask her anything because she usually sits in her room reading books,on the computer, or is out with her friends. Her parents both work during the day while she is at school. They were a close family until she started sixth grade and Makaila kind of ignored them because they were always fighting. She has two really close friends, Preston and Leslie. They have been her friends ever since second grade. Makaila has been attending Olympia grove schools ever since they became friends. She didn't have any friends in first grade because they had just moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming, so she was home schooled because she was so little. She had Preston in her neighborhood, but didn't hang out with him a lot. He would come home after church sometimes but they were never as close as they are now. Makaila got to know Leslie when she started school. Preston and Leslie were already friends so since Preston was the only kid Makaila knew they hung out together and they all three became really close.

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