The Girl with the Brown Eyes, the Girl I Fell For

Alexandra is different. Not only for her abilities, but also for her traumatic past. She starts a new beginning (another one) and tries to get used to her new present. Apart from a new beginning, she also has a new heartbeat and he seems to like her too. It’s George Weasley. How will the things go to Alexandra’s life?
I do not own anything, but Alexandra. Everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling.


1. Another New Beginning

Chapter 1

Another New Beginning


It is eleven o’clock. The train begin its’ long journey. You are probably wondering where it is travelling. Where the Hogwarts Express goes is known in the Wizarding World. Yes. Wizards and witches exist, but we, the muggles I mean, have no idea about this, because wizards know how to hide very well. Maybe I am part of this world or maybe you are! But who knows?


I think I should better go back to the point. Well, Hogwarts Express brings young wizards and witches at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to educate themselves. To learn not only how to use magic, but also how to control it. That’s where it is going today. Like every September 1st.


A girl with brown hair that reaches her waist and brown eyes hidden behind a pair of black geeky style glasses was walking through the train corridors trying to find an empty one. She suddenly hears a little explosion on her right. When she turns her head to see where the explosion did comes from, she sees two ginger hair boys, totally look-alike, and a black boy with dreadlocks laughing hard holding something really odd; it looked like a firework like those that the muggles have, but more complicated.


One of the ginger hair noticed that she was staring at them and looked her straight in the eyes. He had never seen her in the school. She probably wasn’t a student in Hogwarts. He would have noticed if she was. By the moment he would have seen her eyes, those great, brown eyes, he’d never forgotten them. That’s for sure! Besides he was running his seventh and last year at Hogwarts. And she was too old for a first year.


The girl, by the time she realized the boy was looking at her, blushed and kept looking for an empty corridor to stay for the rest of the journey.


“Hey Fred, have you seen this girl before?” asked the ginger hair boy his twin brother.

“Who are you talking about George?” wondered Fred.
“I am talking about the girl that has just passed in front of our corridor” said George impatiently.

“Oh, that girl? No, I haven’t. Have you Lee?” Fred asked the black boy obviously named Lee.

“No. Why are you asking George?” said Lee.

“No reason. I am just being curious.” lied George.


The truth is that the girl had impressed him, but he didn’t wanted Fred and Lee to start making fun of him.


Meanwhile the girl had reached the end of the train and still hadn’t found an empty corridor. She desperately opened the door of the first corridor she found to have empty seats; her trunk was far too heavy.


“May I sit with you, please?” she asked in a polite voice.

“Yeah, sure” a girl with bright red hair answered. She found her hair beautiful.


Then, she fully opened the door, entered the corridor and sat on a seat. In the corridor, except from the girl with the red hair, were a boy with black hair and bright green eyes, another tall boy with brown hair and a girl with blond hair hidden behind a magazine, which was upside-down.


The girl thought that it would be polite to introduce herself and she also wanted to learn more about the others and ask them about the school.


“Em…Hello. You probably don’t know me. I’m new in Hogwarts. My name is Alexandra. Alexandra Michelakis. But you can call me Alex.”

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