Just the two of us

When Niall arrives at his new home he don't know anyone,
but when he go's to school he make some new friends (Liam, Harry, Louis, zayn)
They all are very nice to him and show them around in the new city and school.
but when there's a party something happens and by then Niall's whole world turns around.....


3. school

Liam's P.O.V

''HARRY!'' i scream when I saw him jump out of his car. ''I want you to meet my new neighbor/friend Niall.'' ''Hi, I'm Niall'' Nialler said. Wait why did I cal him Nialler, I just met him yet and I'm not gay. or am I??? ''Hey, I'm Harry'' Harry said. ''We should get your timetable'' ''Ok'' Niall replied ''See you Harry'' me and Niall said at the same time.

Niall's P.O.V

When I looked at my timetable i saw that I had music first. ''We have the same lessons at Monday and Friday'' Liam said, ''and I think you have the same lessons as Louis the whole week'' ''So i will meet him as well next hour'' i questioned. ''yeah, and also zayn has music with us'' Liam answered. ''o before I forget Harry and Louis are in a relationship with each other, I hope you don't mind'' he said. '' no problem, you love who you love right?'' I said before me and Liam are went inside the classroom. 


A/N: hi guys/girls, I would love if some of you respond and give some tips or something lie that, again i know it are short chapters but at least i can update more frequently because of it. so comment if you like it, that would motivate me a LOT. Thanx   

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