Just the two of us

When Niall arrives at his new home he don't know anyone,
but when he go's to school he make some new friends (Liam, Harry, Louis, zayn)
They all are very nice to him and show them around in the new city and school.
but when there's a party something happens and by then Niall's whole world turns around.....


5. at home

Niall's POV

okay today went extremely quick. first music, it was very fun and Liam's friend are really cool. Harry and Louis can't let each other go.(so sweet) the fun thing was we have to sing in pairs and later this year in groups. agains my expectations (I got the feeling nobody chose me) Liam directly asked if we sing together. (inside my heart went crazy) and said yes hoping he didn't noticed my exitement in my voice. I am singing with hot, sexy, smart, sweet Liam, yay!!


A/n i know really crappy chapter but my head is blanc...

I neither have much motivation. if you want to help me you can mail me cheskovanroekel@hotmail.nl

so again sorry for the crappy chapter...

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