Him *Connor Franta fan fic*

Syenna loves O2L.Expecially Connor.She happens to get tickets to Vidcon for her birthday.What happens when she meets her favorite 6 guys in the whole world?Love?hate?read to find out.


3. Vidcon

syennas pov


I called Hyla and she started freaking out!

me:"i got tickets for Vidcon!!!!!"


me:"you're coming with me!!!!!!!!" i said and took the phone away from my ear before she screamed.I was glad i moved the phone.


me:hurry up and get ready! Meet me at my house by 12:30 pm!

Hyla:k bye!!!


she hung up before i could say anything else. I ran to my closet and got my O2L shirt out.I found a pair of denim shorts and put them on. I soon realized that i was crying because i was so happy! I re-did my makeup then took the hot pink bow out of my hair and replaced it with a sky blue one to match the color of the words on my shirt. I put on my O2L bracelets and i was ready! 


As soon as i finished getting ready my bedroom door opened and i saw a very excited Hyla. She was wearing her O2L shirt with skinny jeans and she had O2L bracelets on her arms.Her hair was naturally wavy so she just brushed it.we were both wearing converse.she had a cloud on her wrist since her favorite is JC.


After we talked for about 5 minutes we were off!

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