Him *Connor Franta fan fic*

Syenna loves O2L.Expecially Connor.She happens to get tickets to Vidcon for her birthday.What happens when she meets her favorite 6 guys in the whole world?Love?hate?read to find out.


4. meeting them

Syennas pov


when we got there all i could do was smile. I couldnt wait to meet them. Well mostly Connor. I could tell Hyla was excited too. She couldnt stay still!


"Hyla can you please stop bouncing?" I asked hoping she would stop. "But you know that i cant stop moving when im really excited!" she said and kept bouncing. By the time she had stoped bouncimg we were at the front of the line to go inside. If you were just looking at us,you could tell we were screaming inside.


As soon as we got inside we ran around meeting the other youtubers. We wanted to see O2L last. Best for last right? We had already met Pewdiepie,Joey Graceffa,Andrea Russett,and Shane Dawson. We were ready to meet our idols.


we slowly walked over to the boys.Ricky noticed us first. "Hi!" he said to us making the others look in our direction.We both waved at them filled with excitment.We asked them if they could sign the back of our shirts and they did. JC noticed the cloud on Hylas wrist and smiled.


"whos your favorite in O2L?"  Connor asked me suddenly. "umm...you" I said awkwardly. When i said that there was a spark in his eyes and im not sure if it was real or if i imagined it.


Connors pov


When i asked her who her favorite is i was hoping she would say me."umm...you" i was so happy when she said me. I just realized i never got this beautiful girls name. "whets your name?" i asked her. "Syenna" she said in her gorgeous voice. "well Syenna,would you like to go on a date with me this weekend?"i asked hoping she would say yes.Im not very good with the ladies. "of course,Connor!" she said and we exchanged numbers. Today was a good day.

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