Him *Connor Franta fan fic*

Syenna loves O2L.Expecially Connor.She happens to get tickets to Vidcon for her birthday.What happens when she meets her favorite 6 guys in the whole world?Love?hate?read to find out.


2. Birthday

syennas pov


well today is my birthday :) I have to act happy because i know im not getting the present i want.oh well time to get ready.


i go into the bathroom and turn the shower on.I strip from my pjs and step into the shower. I stand there for about 5 minutes just thinking about life, Then I do what I need to do and get out and dry off. 


I go back into my room and put on the dress i had picked out yesterday. It is turquise with a hot pink belt with a bow on it and for shoes some hot pink flats with little bows on them. I curled my naturally wavy hair and put a hot pink bow in it. I did my makeup then went downstairs for breakfast.


"hey sweetie! I made you your special birthday breakfast!" said my mom as i walked into the kitchen. "Thanks mom!" I said as there was a plate and a fork being placed in front of me on the table.There was two pancakes, four pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs, and a piece of toast. My mom also gave me a glass of orange juice. I soon finished every single bite of my breakfast. I usually only have some kind of fruit for breakfast like an apple or a banana.


after i finished eating i went upstairs to get my phone. I saw that i got a few happy birthday texts and i said thanks to all of them. I then took a selfie and posted it on intagram captioning it "it's my 19th birthday!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!". After that i went on Twitter and tweeted "it's ma birthday!!!!!!!"


I walked downstairs and my mom handed me an envelope. Probably just a card. "open it!" she said while putting headphones on and turning her music on rally loud. I opened the envelope and found a card. The front said "Happy Birthday to the best daughter ever!!!" I then opened the card and two things fell out. The first thing i saw was money the second thing was TICKETS TO VIDCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I know why my mom had put headphones on. I screamed really loud.After i finished screaming i hugged my mom and jumped up and down because i was so excited! After I said thank you about a million times i realized there were two tickets. I needed to call Hyla, my best friend.


should i stop this story?not many people are reading it :(


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