"Perfect" town

His words hit me like a train. They felt heavy on my chest, like they weren't suppose to be spoken, yet I knew it.
I hug him. He feels stiff, tense, stressed? that is what it is, he is stressed. I know he wants out

I could rebel. couldn't i? I would be able to save lives. Innocent peoples lives.

The dome would be destroyed. The council will be gone.

I will lead the rebellion.

I will.


2. chapter 2

I hear a knock at the bathroom door. "April, you okay in there?" A voice comes from behind the door. The voice is a deep low voice, and I recognize it almost instantly.

The voice belongs to my older brother Jacob. "Umm... yea I'm fine. Just got lost in my thoughts." I reply to him.

I wash the shampoo out of my hair, quickly.

"Okay, well it's 6:36. Just thought you'd like to know," I hear him say followed by the faint noise of his footsteps leaving.

I turn off the water, and watch the soap fall down the drain. The room was steamy, it was hard to breathe.

The moist air wraps around me like a blanket, as I grab my towel and wrap it around my body. I dry off with the towel and get dressed. My hair is up in the white towel, i let down so I can dry it.

My body is in white clothing. Everything is white. It's blinding. I can't live like this. It is hard to breathe. I need to escape.

When I'm done drying my hair, I head down stairs. My mom already has mine and Jacobs breakfast ready.

"Morning sweetie, I take it you slept well?" my mother asks me. "Yeah, I guess," I reply with a sigh.

"Where is your brother?" she asks me. "I don't know, I think he is up stairs," I say. "Well go find him." I walk off heading to the stair case.

It feels like forever before I finally reach the last step. I take a sharp left, bumping into the wall, slightly. When I reach then end of the hall, Jacobs room, I hesitate before knocking on the door.

All of a sudden the door flys open. My brother stands before me, dressed in all white, looking as tired as ever.

His hair, raggedy. his eyes have dark circles under them.

Then he embraces me. "I love you april," he says still hugging me. I stay silent though. It was unspoken. He was the first one to pull away. "Don't forget it either" he says eyeing me.

His thumb strokes my cheek wiping away a tear that managed its way out of my eye.

I nod my head and give him a quick hug before I head back towards the stairs.

"Wait–," Jacob starts and I turn around. "Why did you come up here?" he asks. "Oh yea, mom wants you down for breakfast." I say heading down the stairs him following with both of our backpacks in his hand.

My footsteps fade away, as I start to drift into a day dream.

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