Where We Belong |L.H/H.S

"I'm tired of your shit!" I screamed
"AND that is what I enjoy'' He smirked
"I will ruin you and trust me I do what I say!''
Cameron Skye your not-so typical popular girl was a representation of what all girls wanted to be. Luke Hemmings your average bad boy who is feared all over the country. When Luke sees Cameron it isn't love at first sight its more of hate at first sight. What happens when Cameron befriends Sammy, Luke's sister. There is only word to describe every situation involving Luke and Cameron together; trouble.


2. The Devil

"Cameron?'' I heard a deep voice filled with disgust. As I slowly turned around I saw, the person I most hated in the world. Whenever someone mentioned his name my blood would boil. The one and only, Luke Hemmings, the devil himself.

"Luke'' I spat back at his tone.

"Awh Babe. You remember me.'' Harry noticed that and ignored it, like always. Harry never did anything unless someone actually hurt me both physically and emotionally.

"Lets go Cam.'' Harry spoke while he grabbed my hand. At the same time Luke took my other hand and pulled me, this caught Harry off track and je almost dropped his coffee. Both of their grips were getting really hard to get out of and made my hand hurt like hell. Harry and Luke never liked each other so lets just say they were basically fighting with their eyes and the grip on both of my hands kept getting harder. I took the moment to just tell them to stop.

"STOP.'' as I said that both of their hands fell to their sides and just looked away. Harry noticed my now crazily red wrist that they were gripping on. His emotions turned from angry to guilt to sadness.

"Shit. I'm so so so sorry Cameron. I didn't know that I was gripping onto your hand that tightly.'' he spoke softly.

"Oh my God your wrist is bleeding. We need to take you to a doctor asap." Harry screamed with worry in his eyes. Luke stood still looking at my wrist, he didn't even say sorry. What a jerk!

"Harry, I'm okay. Its a slight cut. The school has a nurse, I'll go there. Now move it.'' I grabbed his hand and ran towards the door. I checked my phone 5:53 uh-oh only 7 minutes to get to class. We ran all the way to school which was a good 10 minutes away and we got there in 5 minutes. As I took my chair in the very back, Harry came by me and told me to go to the nurse. I got up and went to Mr. Bee. He was a very nice teacher so when I told him the reason to go to the nurse he quickly gave me a pass and told me to go home if I had to. I was loosing lots of blood by the minute. The running made it worse and the cut somehow got deeper. As I was making my way to the nurse's office I crashed into Louis on the way, and to be completely honest, I have never been this happy to see Louis in my whole life.

"Cam? What ar-why is your wrist bleeding?'' he changed his question as he saw my wrists.

"no time to explain, can you please take me to the nurse, I think I'm going to faint.'' as I said that Louis picked me  bridal style and carried me to the nurse's office. Don't worry Louis is like a brother. By the time we reached the nurse's office, my whole hand was filled with blood and I think there were little blood drops on the floor. Louis told the nurse to fix my wrists and the nurse told me to go home, because of the amount of blood I lost. Louis insisted to come along and take care of me. The whole car ride was us singing along to The 1975, Justin Bieber and Paramore. I opened the front door of my house and I stepped in with Louis following my every move. I heard shuffling in the kitchen and ran towards it to find my parents in the kitchen making food, together. I was bursting with joy as I went up to my mom and hugged her in 7 months. My parents are the owners of some crazy rich factory so they basically leave for 9-10 months for business trips so I hardly get to see them. I know my parents are rich but I don't take advantage of that. I clean the house to earn some allowance and do a part time job at the library; my favorite place to think and just sit down for relaxation. Anyways back to reality. My parents had a confused look on their face but my mom hugged for at least 5 good minutes and I cherished ever bit of it.

"What are you doing at home. Don't you have school?'' my mom asked me.

"Well yeah but I-uh fell, yea I fell and scraped my wrist which stared to bleed and I lost a lot of blood so the nurse sent me home, here, she gave me note.'' I handed them the note.

"Awh, honey. Why don't you go rest a little bit.'' my dad said with a warm smile.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Skye.'' Louis spoke with a smile. 

"Hello Louis. You both can go up to Cameron room and watch some movies. I'll bring the popcorn, Pepsi, and ice-cream.'' My dad replied. My parents trusted Louis like he was their own son.

We spend the whole day watching movies. We saw 7 movies total. 3 horror 2 comedy and 2 action. My favorite genres. An hour later my bedroom door burst open, reveling a very worried looking Harry.

"Hey, I went to the nurse to ask if you were okay, she told me there was so much blood loss that she had to send you home with someone. They wouldn't let me go till the last period so I got here as fast as I can. How are you feeling?" He came by Louis and I and sat on the edge of the bed that was closer to me.

"I am actually feeling pretty good right now. I was feeling a bit weak but its all good now. wanna watch another movie?'' Louis and Harry switched glances and then looked at me.

"How about next weekend? We can do a sleepover. I mean your parents are leaving this next Thursday so we can come on Friday. And besides this is the last week of school and then we are graduated seniors.'' Louis fist pumped the air.

"Okay so we all are bringing something. Harry is in charge of the drinks, Louis you take the pizza and I'll bring the ice-creams and movies.''

"Yes! lets do this.'' Harry and Louis spoke at the same time which caused them to burst out in fits of laughter which made me laugh and when my parents came to check on me, they saw all of us on the floor cracking up like there is no tomorrow.


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