Where We Belong |L.H/H.S

"I'm tired of your shit!" I screamed
"AND that is what I enjoy'' He smirked
"I will ruin you and trust me I do what I say!''
Cameron Skye your not-so typical popular girl was a representation of what all girls wanted to be. Luke Hemmings your average bad boy who is feared all over the country. When Luke sees Cameron it isn't love at first sight its more of hate at first sight. What happens when Cameron befriends Sammy, Luke's sister. There is only word to describe every situation involving Luke and Cameron together; trouble.


3. Note

Hi everyone I am continuing on writing this movella but I need some feedback from you guys to see if its actually worth reading or if its just a waste of your time. I would honestly really appreciate it if you gave this movella a like or even a favorite. Also don't forget to leave a comment down below I really wanna see if you guys like this story so far.Love ya all. -A

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