Mrs. Popular

Desi Medlar is known as one of the schools most popular girls, followed by Jay Maroon; the dumb blond hair chick that always finds a day for some fun in the sun. Madison Hester, the dark red haired chick that always seemed to be checking the time every five minutes. Haley Atoms, the intelligent hazel eyes chick who could be sitting all day in the corner of her library with a cup of tea. And Morgan Cassel, the slut whore of the group who only cared about getting laid at some night club.

Desi Medlar has a secret though, she recently got accepted to a modeling school in London. Will she be able to tell her friends? And if so, who's the new photographer?;)


1. Chapter One

|Chapter 1|

" Desi, come on, you promised that you'd hang out with us this weekend," Jay Maroon, one of my most irritating, annoying friends had moaned loudly because I was disagreeing with her original plans. " Jay, babe, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't have the time to pamper myself this Friday," I groaned, running my long, finger chipped nails through my fresh Strawberry smelled dark auburn hair. " Seriously Des, why do you have to be so selfish sometimes, your pissing our fucking plans," she groaned to herself, mumbling incoherent spiced up words. " Listen Jay, just let me be for a moment. Your really testing my anger issues here," I sighed, feeling pure angst and agitation from the sixteen year old chick who I stayed with most of my life, considering that our friendship stayed the longest out of the whole group.

" Fine, but don't come and change your mind bitch," she snapped, before prating her perfect slim body out of my stand, swaying her hips in some 90* angle, with her long golden jet hair cascading down to her mid back. Jay Maroon was some bitch,(how was I ever friends with her again?)

Rolling my eyes playfully and letting that small smirk manipulate my face, I walked towards my next class, holding some thick math textbook with me and one of those cute, high quality girly handbags on my shoulder. And if your asking, I do not have one of those stupid little pups chilling in my purse waiting to be read by on some fancy upgrade spa.

And that's when I ran into Shane Borax, schools we'll played player who had some ego of playing some freak ass show that involved sleeping with girls and waking up to one the next day.

" We'll if it isn't the one and only, Desi Medlar," he smirked, grasping my light fragile body with one of his muscular six pack arms. Flushing from the close contact I couldn't help but blush when his perfect, minty breath showered air all over my petrified face. His cool, slim fingers drew coiled lines on my lower back, with his face still inches away from mine. " I-I've g-g-got to g-get t-to class," I stammered, avoiding contact from his clear green deep emerald eyes. " Are you sure about that babe. I thought you liked this position," he growled seductively in the inside of my ear. His lips brushed against the shell of my ear, making my insides freeze. Quivering my lips, his fingers brushed across my red plumped lips.

" Leave my bitch alone," a high squeaky voice shouted from the other side of the hall. Morgan Cassel, known as the most slutty whores in this high school. She had a short pink mini skirt that covered very little of her thighs with a short cropped shirt and a pair of white high heeled plumps. Not only was she a slut, but one of my bitches. Her middle length curly blonde flew down her shoulders, following every inch of her perky movements. Her ice cold fiercer blue eyes sent a long hollering glare to her prey, Shane. " Aw, Morgan babe, Desi and I were only having a bit of fun," he cooed, showing her his "cute puppy face look. "Don't call me babe, dick head," she hissed. " Leave Des alone."

" Fine, but only for the two hottest chicks," he murmured, shooting us a big lopsided grin, before letting me free to Morgans open wide arms. Shooting us a wink, he walked to the other side of the school with his player look, sending girls down to the floor as if he was some king.

" Thanks Morgan," I uttered, hollering my arm over her shoulder. " No problem babe, your my one and only fag," she laughed before kissing my cheek and moving her perky body towards class. I rolled my eyes at her childish manner before finally heading my way towards class without a distraction.




Haley Atoms placed her brown paper bag sacked lunch and heavy thick 800 page book on our lunch table during free period. " Damn girl, that's a lot of pages," Jay giggled, scrunching her eyebrows at the heavy "work" Haley had put in. A.K.A, time wasting phenomenal. " Desi! Me' whore," a loud shrieking voice uttered, her impossibly irritating voice echoing the halls. Students glared at the snobby rich girl in a pair of ripped short booty shorts with a cropped white T-shirt and a tan cardigan that showed part of her white padded bra. (Like fucking ewww!) Her black, eight inch heels couldn't possible be any more agitating to comprehend with. (Like I'm totally gagging right now.)

Once Ragina Harrison(I call her whore/slut; whatever suits my taste) made her preppy self towards our table, she wasn't even invited; like who the hell would invite her here anyways? She blew two kisses on both of my cheeks, making my mouth form into a big "O." Jay rolled her eyes at the chick who just sent her one of those freakishly weird smiles. " So..what's the new gossip guys," Ragina pointed out, showing a triumphant grin that made her pure white teeth stand out like she was some Britain's Top Model winner. " Gossip? Who does that shit?' Morgan sneered, clearly annoyed by her "invitation."

" Regina hon," Madison mentioned, clearly not wanting to be in this so called childish infant fight. " Yes," Regina answered snobbishly. (They never did like each other;no one likes the slut anyways.) " The time here tells me that's it's time for you to get that little perky ass of your out of our fucking table because it seems here that every one, including your "babe" Desi, wants you out of her god damn life. So bitch, please, do us all a favor and leave," Madison sneers. Our group is clearly shocked by the bitch comeback Madison has just slapped at.

Regina let out one of those high pitched squeaks saying "Oh bitch you didn't." " Wow, I don't need you guys here anyways. I have better stuff to do," she shrieked before finally moving her ass out of our business.

"Damn Madison, I-..." " It's all about time," she grinned before going back to her Caesar salad.


This is my first chapter on this sight, and I hope you like it. All Rights Reserved. I have a Larry Stylinson account on my Wattpad profile. It's called larrys_lovebites incase any of you guys are larry shippers. I hope you enjoy the start of my new book(:

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