Time wrap


1. chapter 1 the discovery

"Hannah! Wake up!". Hannah yawned. "Hannah ur pancakes are getting cold! Get dressed Today is ur assigned Job! Ur going to be late!" Hannah woke up And slowly brushed Her hair. As she Was doing that, she thought Why is the governar Was so evil And hated children. Then the thought Was erased by Her dad. The governor Hunged him. Then she got up And looked at Her dress. She Was so happy she Was becoming a adult. She did not want to be hated by the goverment. She finally felt free of all the times she Was offended by the governor.she got Her dress And put it on. She saw the time. She is suposed to be There by 10. She has some time. She want down to eat. "Hows my big girl?"said hannahs mom. "Fine." Said hannah.hannah sighed. For some res son she Was afraid to become a adult. Of all the times she Was help es And carde by Her mom. She new once she is a adult, she will live alone. "Its time" said Hannah's mom with water in her eyes.

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