A dog named Macy, Harry's best friend till the end...but what if something happens...


1. The Trip

So today me and Macy went on an amazing road trip to he X-Factor! It all started really early that morning... "Harry! Harry! It's time to get up!" mom said. "Just five more minutes mum please!" I put my pillow over my head. "Macy go wake him up," I could hear her saying form downstairs. The up came running good old Macy! She's my new puppy I just got like two weeks ago. Then she came up started licking my face and I cracked! I mean she so cute! Then my mum came up stairs. "Harry you'll be late!" she said. "For what? It's summer go away!" I said. "Ok if you don't want to be on the X-Factor that's fine by me." She says. My eyes flew open, I was wide awake now! I shot up like a rocket got dressed brushed my teeth then brushed my hair and packed up all our gear. We all (mum,dad, grandpa, Macy, and me) hopped into the van and drove off! We stopped for gas about 1000 times! But me and Macy kept each other busy. We listened to music, napped, played tug of war, ate, and watched movies on my laptop. Finally we got there. We got inside and it was massive! Macy ran around everywhere since there was only the performers and the workers there. We played tag and ran and laughed and chased. Then I heard someone call, "Hey kid! get that dog on.a freaking leash or calm the mutt down!" he said. "Sorry lad we were just messing around." I said. "Yeah well I don't care if you were saving a life, knock it off." . "Jeez I didn't know american people were so rude!" I whispered to Macy as I put her on her leash. Then we walked over to the table where we got our number. I got my number then I went up to the stage. That's when people started arriving... And man...were we packed...

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