A dog named Macy, Harry's best friend till the end...but what if something happens...


2. The Performance

So then there was his kid named Liam who came up. Apparently he was here one other time and he did a horrible job. But this time he was really good! I was so nervous, I thought that he was gonna beat me! No, I knew he was gonna beat me.

Liam's POV:

Man! I'm killing em! I know I can do this! I'm doing so much better than last time! Yes! I'm in the elimination round! Dear lord please help me win this! Amen.

Present time:

So then up next it was me...Harry Styles they announced. I could here Macy barking from the crowd and my mum saying "Go Harry!". I was ready to do this. So I have my best performance I've ever done! Simon gave a standing applause! I was so relieved that I did good! My mum was crying with tears and when I was done the judges told me I qualified for the elimination round. When I got off stage Macy cut loose from her leash and ran up to me and jumped all over me and licked my face! I was so happy! It was the best moment of my life ever! 😄 I just hope...I don't get eliminated...😔

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