A dog named Macy, Harry's best friend till the end...but what if something happens...


3. One Direction was Made

when it came time. We all went up to the stage who was in the elimination round. "Shelby Reshu. You have NOT Been eliminated congratulations!" Simon announced.

Lois' POV:

I knew it I am eliminated. 😔 wtf? Is that my mum giving me a thumbs up? I was giving her a thumbs down with a teared up face to signal her that it was over! She kept going! What does she think she's doing?! Trying to make me feel even worse?!

Present time:

Yes...I knew it...I was eliminated..😔😖😩😫😓😢 we went to the back stage after wards. Simon said that we all needed to gather up. My eyes were bulging with tears. I was wiping them away rapidly. Macy was comforting me though. Then he called five boys... And one of the five... Was me... He called, "Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Lois Tomlinson, and Nial Horan. Please come step forward." We all stepped forward. Macy didn't leave my side so she came with. "All five of you boys have been selected to be in one band," Simon said, " you can't preform or be famous alone, so I have decided to put you all togther." . We all jumped up and down! Macy couldn't understand what Simon said but she knew I was happy about something so she hopped along within. Later that evening the lads all came to my house. Which is ironic because we all live in England. Anyway, we thought it would be better to become brother mates before band mates so we played games had song writing contests watched movies played football. But then before the lads left, we had to think of a band name. "How about the Tazors?" . "No Liam." Lois said. "Maybe the rebels?" Asked Nial. Which was weird because Nial is anything BUT a rebel. "Dude no," Said Zayn, "I think we should have the name have a number in it." Zayn added. "Well, I've always thought 1D had a ring to it..." (I'm kinda shy) . "But what starts with a D?" Asked Zayn. Then my mum walked in with a bag of cookies and started saying words with the letter d in the beginning. "Dynamite, dominate, dolly, dark, dog, direction." . We all looked at each other and grinned huge grins... "What? What did is say? Do I have something on my face?" Mum asked. Then we all blurted out "ONE DIRECTION!!!" . But it didn't sound like we all said one direction. So we turned around and there's Nial sitting there all shy like which apparently he said dynamite. "Or ya know, direction one direction works to." . We all started laughing and gave my mum hugs. Then the lads left. But we all went to bed thinking.... Are we ready to face the world, as 1D?

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