"You and the rest of the excluded will be forgotten. Nobody will remember the things you said, the things you did. Never to be spoken of. Forgotten."


3. Three

We all sat huddled together in a train. The wind whipped in my hair. There was an odd silence between us, until one boy, a short, scrawny kid sitting next to me asked, "Why did you choose Erudite?" I sat in silence. "I don't know," I whispered. This time, I needed to ask him. He was dressed in all black; Dauntless attire. The boy must have noticed I was looking at his clothes, because he said, "They didn't want me. To them I was a coward." More silence. "My name is Caspar. You?" I looked down. "Ellie." I put a strand of my dark hair behind my ear as the train came to a slow stop.

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