Dear Darcy,

"I don't want this to be the first and last time I see you Darcy."


3. Darcy pov

As soon as we arrive, I can already feel my heart in my stomach. Kian is outside of the bus and every girl is screaming. I'm trying my hardest to push through to be able to even catch a glimpse. Elaine is already at the front, she's always been very good at these kinds of things and shes far more outgoing than I am. Eventually she pulls me to the front and there he is. holding a camera wearing his favorite hat. I can't believe this is actually him and that he's real and this time I'm not just watching from behind a computer screen. Then I realize what is happening! I'm about to be in one of Kian's videos!! All the excitement rushes through me and I can't help but scream and just yell this at Elaine, but she couldn't hear me over all of the other girls, including herself, screaming. After Kian leaves that is all the girls can talk about around me and I don't blame them! We just saw Kian flipping Lawely. There's only 14 more minutes til they let my group in to see them and I'm already nervous. I've already connected with a few of the girls in line behind me and as you can assume that wasn't too hard since we were both standing in line to meet O2L. 5 more minutes Five minutes has already passed and we are about to be let in. I'm 7th in line when we finally walk through the door..
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