Dear Darcy,

"I don't want this to be the first and last time I see you Darcy."


6. *Connors POV*

Oh no. She caught me staring at her. This is so embarrassing.. I look away but I can still see her from the corner of my eye examining me with such a deep curiosity across her face. I've never seen such a cute look. The way her little nose crinkles with the freckles across her cheeks more visible and her blue eyes looking with such intensity at me. This is a look that could steal hearts of men in an instant and I can confirm this. She's next in line and I can't wait to get this mystery girls name. She begins to walk up to me, one arm holding the other in a way that makes her seem nervous. She is nervous. I'm nervous. Why am I nervous? I've talked to millions of girls before.. Literally millions. But none of them compare to the one standing in front of me right now.

"Hello, I'm Darcy."


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