Moving to a new town (Vampire Diaries Movella)

my name is Carrie Anderson and i'm the new kid in town.
I just moved from New York to Mystic Falls, but what i don't know is things are about to get a whole lot more exciting then they were in New York, and some not in the good way


13. working on the project

Lydia's P.O.V

after school was over i went with Matt to his work and then once we got there he said 

"i have to tell you something"

"okay what is it"

"i don't really have to work tonight"

"then why are we here"

"cause i have a surprise for you"

then he grabbed my hand and he brought me inside and then i saw a table with, a rose on it and it said reserved on it and then Matt lead me to the table and we both sat down, and he said

"i know it isn't much but i just wanted to do something like this and we haven't been on a first official date yet so i figured this could be it"

"i'd like that and this is perfect Matt thank you"

"your welcome"

then he kissed me and then we ordered food and everything and then we talked for a few hours and then we went and walked hand and hand through town till he walked me to my front door and kissed me goodnight.


Carrie's  P.O.V

i heard a knock on my front door and then i opened it and i saw Tyler

"hey Tyler come on in"


then we went into my room and sat on my bed and then i said

"so what should we do this history project on"

"how about the civil war, we could talk about how it happened and all the effects it had and stuff like that"

"okay that sounds great"

then we started researching and i was looking up info on my laptop and he was looking up info in the textbook.

About two hours into doing our project he stopped and then he looked at me and i said

"tyler is everything okay?"

"yeah everything is great but i've been wanting to do this for a while now"

"Do what?"

then he pulled me closer to him and he kissed me and then Damon walked into my room and saw Tyler kissing me.

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