Moving to a new town (Vampire Diaries Movella)

my name is Carrie Anderson and i'm the new kid in town.
I just moved from New York to Mystic Falls, but what i don't know is things are about to get a whole lot more exciting then they were in New York, and some not in the good way


17. talking to Klaus

Lydia's P.O.V

when i went to school, the next day Matt came up to me and said

"morning beautiful"

"hey handsome"

i completely wanted to forget yesterday and just throw myself into today and everything else.

"so i was thinking later on we could maybe study for tomorrow's test at your place tonight"

"sounds great but as long as we don't study all night and we can watch movies afterward"

"sounds good to me babe"

then Jeremy came up to us and said

"have either of you seen Carrie she wasn't in first or second class"

then i said

"Jeremy you know she's with Damon right:"

"yea and he's just gonna end up hurting her she deserves to be with someone who will make sure she is here everyday

and not running to where ever it is Damon is taking her he's just gonna take her down"

then Jeremy stormed off, and then Matt grabbed my hand and he kissed me and then we walked to class together.


Carrie's P.O.V

After doing a bit of digging i finally found out where Klaus was staying and then when i drove there i knocked on the door,and soon enough he answered the door and moved over so that i could come inside and then when i got inside we both just stared at each other for a little bit, and then i kissed him and said

"i missed you Klaus"

"i've been wondering how long it would be until you tried to find me"

"seriously i haven't seen you in two years and thats all you can say to me you know for the few months of our relationship before you left i thought that you might have actually loved me but clearly i was wrong!!!"

then as i was about to walk out Klaus grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and then he kissed me.

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