Moving to a new town (Vampire Diaries Movella)

my name is Carrie Anderson and i'm the new kid in town.
I just moved from New York to Mystic Falls, but what i don't know is things are about to get a whole lot more exciting then they were in New York, and some not in the good way


6. seeing Damon again

*After class*

I had P.E and so did Stefan and then i changed into P.E clothes and started walking on the track and then Stefan came over to me and he said 

"so i was thinking maybe we could go out sometime, what do you say?"

"sure i'd like that"


then he stopped me and he kissed me and i pulled away and i smiled and then we started walking together and then Matt came up to us and said

"hey you two"

then Stefan said

"hey Matt do you got this class now?"

"yeah i couldn't take math anymore so i switched"

"what class do you got next"


"i got history to, and i heard Carrie does to"

he said and then they both looked over at me and i was sitting on the bleachers, and then i heard a voice beside me say

"miss me cause i missed you"

then  i looked and i saw Damon and then he kissed me.

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