Moving to a new town (Vampire Diaries Movella)

my name is Carrie Anderson and i'm the new kid in town.
I just moved from New York to Mystic Falls, but what i don't know is things are about to get a whole lot more exciting then they were in New York, and some not in the good way


15. A new day

Carrie's P.O.V

the next day after that eventful night and after i had finally managed to track down tyler and get him  to settle down we were able to finish our project, and luckily for me today was saturday which meant that i didn't have any school or anything to worry about.

So i decided to go for a walk, and while i was walking i bumped into someone and as we both got up i saw who it was, and my mouth dropped, well not literally, but you know what i mean, and when i saw this person i said.

"Klaus i thought you were dead"

then i hugged him and then he said

"well for a while i thought i would be dead"

"why'd it take you so long to come back"

"i had things to take care of"

before i go any farther let me just fill you in on me, and klaus, he was my first love and he left in a flash without even saying goodbye and i've missed him every day since then, but now i'm with Damon, but i've never stopped loving Klaus.

"i'm just glad your back Klaus, but for how long this time"

"for as long as i'm wanted and needed"

"you'll always be both in my opinion"

and then i kissed him and then in a blink of an eye, he was away from me and him and Damon were both standing there glaring daggers at each other and they both looked ready to pounce.

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