Liam loves jenny.

(This story will be in both point of views.)

Liam loves jenny.

But for some reason he's acting strange.

Jenny begins to wonder about him.

What is Liam hiding?


1. What was up with that boy?

Liam was getting really horny with me.

Not that I minded.

But I think everyone else did.

I mean the people around us.

The wedding was in a few weeks.

Liam told me he was scared to be without me a whole week.

I tried to cool him down, but that turns into cool off sex.

Today I was going swimming.

Liam went out with his friends for his day off.

My friend Susan came over.

I met her a while back while planning the wedding.

We hit it off.

"Hey girly." Susan waved.

She hated getting her hair wet.

So the solution was do not get in the pool.

I got out of the pool, and shook myself off.

"God damn." I heard a voice say behind me.

I turned around seeing Liam with his friends.

"Liam w-what are...Um doing here?" I covered myself up with a towel.

No. No. No.

Liam couldn't be here. It was girls day.

It didn't work because next thing I know Liam has me over his shoulder going up the stairs.

"Bye Susan." I shouted.

"Bye sugar. Bye sex machine." She shouted after me.

Liam's hands liked to wonder everywhere.

Here, there.

Squeezing my butt.

Susan was right.

Liam is a sex machine.

I was set down on a bed.

Liam pulled off his shirt his muscles stretching as he did so.

He leaned down and kissed me deeply.

The kiss became hot and feverish.

We both laid back.

Then his phone rang.

Liam took one look at it, and was gone.

I blinked after his retreating figure.

What was up with that boy?

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