Liam loves jenny.

(This story will be in both point of views.)

Liam loves jenny.

But for some reason he's acting strange.

Jenny begins to wonder about him.

What is Liam hiding?


2. Love

Liam was gone for a while.

I eventually texted him.

The text said 'I'm horny.'

Liam was by my side in just a few minutes.

I rolled my eyes.

Liam pulled me to him, and the radio was playing behind us.

So I laid my head on his chest, and he pulled me even closer.

We danced in the living room.

Swayed, round and round for who knows how long.

"I love you." I whispered.

"Oh my jenny. I love you." He whispered back.

I giggled at his silliness.

We kissed slow, and sweet. He held me close to him.

I felt myself being lowered to the floor.

Our kisses became more heated.

Liam kissed down my neck, sucking everywhere he could.

Our clothes were tossed aside.

Now we skin to skin.

The feeling is something I'd never want to give up.

It was amazing, and thrilling.

He stared down at my body in adoration.

"Your so beautiful." He said. It looked like he said it more to himself than me.

Without warning, Liam thrust inside me.

We made love, over and over that night.

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