My new life

Lily has always wanted to be a famous youtuber and one day she has a chance to go to vidcon she meets O2L omg Sam tells her something what is it read to find out?


1. omg thanks mom

Ok so hi I am lily and um I make YouTube videos and well one day I hope I become a real youtuber so anyway you know how before famous youtubers got bullied before they got there big break well I am lucky cause people at my high school haven't found out well at least I think anyways so like I said I am a youtuber I really like watching bethany mota jennxpenn Andrea russet and well so much more but no one really knows what is behind the sweet smart cute girl aka (also known as) well me lily anyways it was like no other Monday morning dreadful I pulled my self out of bed to get dressed for school I just put on a floral crop top and some high waisted sorts and some really cute creepers and my kimono also I put my hair is a side braid with a little touch out make up I know you are probably thinking your channel on YouTube is about beauty well u are wrong I just blog and well yea well I did what was my morning routine and headed down stairs were I could here sizzling and smell food 😍 I walked to the kitchen and found my mom cooking pancakes I said good morning again I know what you are thinking wow u have a easy life well wrong again my parents resonantly got devorsed and I am not happy I know what you are saying " but you seem so happy how could you be unhappy" well I try to be so positive and it sometimes works anyway back to what I am doing I dat at the table with my book bag on the floor beside me and my earphones in cause I was listening to echo by Trevor Moran lol Iike I said I like O2L anyways I was now eating and then it came to 8:00 I got up and said love you mom before I walked up the door but then my mom stopped me half way thru the door I looked back and she said "lily I know how sad you have been since me and your father got a divorced and all but I got something for you here " I ran to her once I saw a VIP ticket to vidcon which is in a couple weeks omg I ran to my mom and gave her a huge hug and said " omg mom thanks a lot I love you so so so much omg I am going to meet O2L thanks so much " I put the ticket down and hugged her once my more before making my way out the door

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