My new life

Lily has always wanted to be a famous youtuber and one day she has a chance to go to vidcon she meets O2L omg Sam tells her something what is it read to find out?


3. Netflix with the baes

We entered my house and went to my room Jessica sat on the bean bag on the floor and dulce at the desk and Macy on the floor and me on my bed I got the control and put on Netflix to watch orange is the new black we were singing along to the main song and laughed at the end then we were quite well that's a totall liar cause we were in the drama it was geting really we stoped the show half way to go get Starbucks basic white girl #whitegirlstatus lol so anyway I got a caramel frap and Jessica got a cotton candy frap and dulce and Macy got a iced coffee we walked to my house and made our way to my room I walked back down stairs and made popcorn I made my way back to my room and sat in my spot and continue watching the show once it finished we went out side to my pool we were acting like little kids cause we played Marco Polo anyways after they left I went to my room to make one of my weekly videos so I put my stuff up like the lights video camera tripod and yeah so I sat were I normally do my videos which is normally this spot in my room with a rug and a big window also it looks so girly so yeah I did my hair and showered real quick then I put on some black high waisted pants and a grey transparent shirt that said peace love and Rockn roll I toped it all off with a flannel (a/n um the outfit is from bethany mota lol) so I put on socks and then I did my hair I have to look good for the YouTube ok anyways I filmed I did the chubby bunny challenge just because I love marshmallows ok anyways I did my introw which is just me saying "hey guys it's Beth and today I am going to do the chubby bunny challenge ok here we go i got my marshmallows right here and let's begin " I did up to 4 then I started gagging I was so red that it was time for my outrow and said bye and kissed my hand and covered the lends ok anyways after that I edit it it was the most longest time I was so bord so I went down staires and went out the door to see my mom watering the plants I told her I was going to skate on my penny board she said ok and with that I went off I did stop for ice cream I got ben and Jerry's it was the cookie dough so yeah it was so so so good I loved it I went back home but I did bump into teo he is a friend and I love him he is so funny he also does YouTube videos me and him always do colobs together it's so much fun we talked for a while then I went home I went to my room tomorrow is vidcon and omg I can't wait I going to meet o2l my friends know about my obsession with o2l and youtubers so yass I can't wait omg

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