My new life

Lily has always wanted to be a famous youtuber and one day she has a chance to go to vidcon she meets O2L omg Sam tells her something what is it read to find out?


4. I hate life

Omg today is vidcon I can't wait but it is after school so I put on some high waisted shorts and a whit crop top and my converse I am obsessed with that 2so yeah anyways I did my make up and all I let my hair down like it is and got my floral book bag and went down stairs to eat I ate a Apple and went out side I walk it school just for you to know I got at school and once I stepped into school every one was pointing at me and laughing I went to my locker to see Finn he is popular once I saw him se said hey there Beth or will I say YouTube girl once he said thoses words YouTube girl I was frozen I didn't know what to do omg every one found out my secret I ran out teo was running behind me and every one was laughing at him two why why I said in my head sat down on the grown and started crying teo came up to me and hugged me he is such a good friend I was crying untill he said somthing he said "don't worry my secret is out two " I looked at him and said " well I mean tomorrow is vidcon so do u want to go " he said I already have a ticket so why don't we go together" I thought we could tag teo along sence that I am going with the girls two so yeah it will be alright I think me and teo made our way back to school we promised to each other that if we got made fun of to just ignor it but it wasn't working I finally made my way back to my locker and got my stuff for the rest of the day I could hear people saying things about me I wanted to just die at this point but I remember the promise me and teo made he was in my class to we both got made fun of all day once it came to lunch me and teo talked about what was going on and all then I saw the girls I told them to come they all said no cause I was a freak ok I now got so mad and hurt cause they are my best friends and they don't like me neither I dunnon what to do anyways at least I have teo and we both are going through this finally I made it through the day and I am kinda exited about going to vidcon but still hurt about what happen teo came over after school to go to vidcon with me so I put on some denim shorts with a black shirt and a red and black flannel with white converse to top it all out also I did my make up and left to teos house and he changed he wore the same thing but a more oversized shirt cause mine was kinda tight but he put his glasses there clear on the bottom then on top it's black there ravens so we were off for 5days just cause we got more then one ticket lol we both wanted to be like youtubers so we both acted like it I mean not that I want to be famous I just want to go to tour cause I mean I want to be able to say I have fans that support me so yeah so we were on our way to Cali we live in la so yeah it like 2 hours so yeah we were singing to the top of our lungs we were singing to zedd we were forgetting all the hatful things we were told today so then I we were only like a few miles away then we stoped to get Taco Bell I got a Mexican pizza and a baja blast so then he ordered we went through the drive through and then we were on our way we were there finally and we got out the car after we parked we got to our row which is front row "omg teo I am so exited" "me too I can't wait to see what it's like to be near youtubers" lol teo is crazy anyways the show didn't start till like an hour *almost end of show* damn I got to see so many youtubers like Tyler oakly bethany mota Andrea russet jennxpenn lohanthony thatsojack even some vibes like magcon and there was so much fun o2l hasn't done there show but there next right now is fab 5 they ended lohanthony made me laugh so much omg o2l is finally out they walked on stage and Sam omg sam he looks so perfect omg 5sos ha then they did a bunch of tweking and Sam again he looks so perfect they brought some fans on stage this girl named Molly next to me sam got her he was so close he made eye contact with me while he got Molly for the rest of the o2l show sam mad eye contact with me like for the rest of the show once I saw him say to Ricky something and pointed to me and teo but I thought it was maybe the people behind us but anyways I enjoyed the rest of the show o2l was the last performance then was the meet and greet I was so exited I got to meet Rebecca black and Miranda sings also jennxpenn lohanthony well fab5 also Katie sand ford and omg it was so much fun then was o2l we meet at least 30 youtubers Sam made eye contact and run up to me and teo and said "omg I love your YouTube videos you have to come on tour with us you and teo" I was frozen and teo was the one to speak first and said "really you know us and want us to come on tour" Sam nodded yes then he looked at me to see if I was ok bc teo was clearly going I wasn't talking so teo said " Beth earth to Beth Sam pottorff said somthing to you" I got out of my excitement and said "o um yeah what ever yeah would love to go " Sam smiled and

Said "I didn't under stand what u said but anyways um after we are going to the tour bus to the hotel so you will be staying " I laughed at how he didn't under stand what I said he just looked so cute I felt my heart melt when he spoke omg I love him he kept staring as he meet some fans I would love that to be me one day anyways I was on Twitter and Instagram also I texted teo. Who was right beside me but I don't he will understand me cause of all the screaming girls and all so we texted then sam came up and just stared at us then me and teo noticed and Sam said " ok beautiful now time to show you the bus " I blushed because Sam called me beautiful he graved my hand and teo was on my other side and we laughed and talked Sam was here so we weren't saying how we wanted to scream and pass out so yeah I got my stuff aka clothes from the car when these girls came up to me and teo they said " omg your Beth and your teo omg can I have a pic I love your videos so much" we both smiled and took the pic after we got our stuff and made our way to the bus to see sam waiting for us I was nerves cause I mean what if the o2l guys don't like me and I am the only girl there so omg what to do sam held my hand the whole time I was so happy to be with sam I mean he is my crush and well I love him I know SAMs ex girlfriend acacia so yeah they don't talk also acacia was rude to me cause I don't know she just didn't like me for some rezone and also I saw Andrea and jenn was there on go am going to die sam intro me to them I was on the couch with Sam his arms wraped around me I just cuddled in his chest like it was nothing but in my Mind I was in paradise I loved it the guys looked at us teo didn't cause he knew that I have a crush on Sam but the guys were just looking until Sam said " I am going to bed" I got off him and he got up and bent down to say something to me he whispered "Beth do u want to cuddle in my bunk just because you are the best cuddlier ever" I giggled and said" of course" he walked with me the guys looked at us he told me to get in the bunk and I got in he then said " guys I am letting her sleep in my bunk " the guys nodded once they turned there attention to the tv sam got in the bunk with me we watched movies we were cuddling when all of sudden the current that covers the bunk opened and reveled 6 guys teo Jc Connor kian Trevor Ricky Sam got up quick because he got scared and because the guys ruined our moment we were going to almost kiss cause we were cuddle ing and were looking deep into each other's eyes but they had to ruined it but anyways Sam got up to quick and bumped his head

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