1. chapter1

Jocelyn's POV

Finally after nine long months my two babies are here .two beautiful healthy girls .baby A born August 31 8:47 pm 4lbs 3onzs . Baby b born September 1 4:17 am 3 lbs 7 onzs . I really badly want to keep them both I really do but I'm only 16 I'm not ready to have twins .also since the babies father left me I wouldn't be able to take care of them .so I'm going to put them both up for adoption .i hope they both get a really good family who can take good care of them .and there is one more final thing about the babies they have names ,there probubliy going to change there names any way but I choose for baby A Kelsey Marie and for baby B LeAnne rose

Markus's POV

My baby girls were finally here there names are Kelsey-Marie and Leighanne but there adopted parents are coming to pick them up and we are giving them permission to change their names. sadly the babies won't be going to the same parents because no one is willing to take twins.I'm so sad but were only 16 & 17 years old we aren't ready.

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