2. chapter 2

15 years later

Arria 's POV

When I first wake all I can hear is my brothers arguing , days like this make me wish I was an only child . I just lay there for about ten minutes listening to what there fighting about , so what I get is that my 12 year old brother Carlos took my 17 year old brother luca's phone and now there running around the house trying to take the phone and my dogs Lexi and roxy are barking like crazy . I wish my parents were in town because if they were I would still be sleeping . But sadly they are in Italy visiting family . Then all of a sudden I hear a glass shatter . I jump out of bed and walk out of my room and look down stairs to see what happened. Carlos and Luca are both standing in the living room arguing . "Mom is going to kill you that was her favourite vase " Luca yells . "Me, mom is going to kill you your were the one who pushed me into it " Carlos yell back . "Ok mom and dad have been gone for not even two days and we have already broken something " I yell over them . They both shut up and look at me ." It doesn't matter who broke it but your two are going to fix it before mom and dad get back from Italy ". I say . "Fine " they both say in unison.

3 hours later

After 3 long hours of trying to glue mom's vase back together it's finally done." Well that's 3 hours of my life I'm never getting back "Luca says ." Who's cares it's done and mom will never know that it was Broken " I say it exactly the same when mom bought it 7 years ago when thy were in Thailand . Carlos comes running down the stairs with his ipad in his hand . "Luca ,Arria look I bet my high score on subway surfers " Carlos yells before I even know what happens I see Carlos trips on the rug in our stairs and falls and his ipad goes flying and when it's lands it hit mom's vase sending its again into a million pieces . I run over to Carlos to see if he is alright while Luca checks to see if the iPad is broken . When I got to Carlos he had a sad look on his face ." Now I'm actually dead mom and dad are going to kill me , first for breaking moms vase and second for smashing my iPad ". He was just lying at the bottom of the stairs .

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