Reasons Book#1

Kailee's life was completely normal, that is, until she met her uncle, Joe. He ruined her and her family's life. Flipped their entire world upside down. Kailee is given powers. Powers that her mother, Janelle, knew would soon become of her daughter. But, what will happen when Kailee uses her powers to go back in time and undo mistakes she made in the past. Her future is changed for the worst. On the roller coaster of Kailee's life she meets new friends, unknown family, and the love of her life. But, will it all work out? Can she find a way to fix what she broke? Find out in 'Reasons (an unlucky fairy tale)'. All creadit for the cover goes to @CxssidySpencxr I got it from her movella Cxssidy's covers


7. Chapter 6

I think I'm going crazy! I woke up this morning to find a wand like thing on my bedside table. It was green and was the size of a spatula. I left it on the table and took a shower. When I came back it was.... glowing? I inched toward the glowing wand slowly and picked it up. I gripped it tightly and Pointed it toward the window. I waved it slightly in a circular motion. If I was watching myself right now I would probably look so stupid doing this. I kept doing this until the wand started getting warm, like there was some sort of electricity running through it. I looked out the window, not seeing the usual garden of the house next to us, but a portal looking oval. When I looked further into it I saw me when I was 14. I was playing on top of the monkey bars when a girl came and sat next to me. She looked down at my ripped jeans and baggy sweatshirt, then to her pink skirt and white dress top. She scoffed and whispered in my ear, "Are you homeless or just tacky?" I gave her the evil eye as she continued to giggle. I turned to her and pushed her slightly, but not enough for her to fall. She looked at me, pure hate filled her eyes. What she did next brought the memory back. "You are an ugly little brat!" she exclaimed. She pushed me back with all her might and I fell helplessly to the pavement. That day I got a broken rib and arm and a concussion. My mother spent most of her money from the past two years to pay for a lawyer and the hospital bills. We ended up loosing the case and not getting any money. My mother was devastated.  We spent the next year and a half getting back on our feet. I sighed and looked into the oval again. It looked like it was open. Like you could jump right in. I lifted my foot and tried stepping into the oval. When my foot landed on hard pavement I gasped. I can get into the memory. I can stop that little brat from pushing me off of the monkey bars. I can stop my family from loosing so much money. I can make our life better. This is an opportunity that I am not willing to pass up. Besides, what could go wrong?

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