Reasons Book#1

Kailee's life was completely normal, that is, until she met her uncle, Joe. He ruined her and her family's life. Flipped their entire world upside down. Kailee is given powers. Powers that her mother, Janelle, knew would soon become of her daughter. But, what will happen when Kailee uses her powers to go back in time and undo mistakes she made in the past. Her future is changed for the worst. On the roller coaster of Kailee's life she meets new friends, unknown family, and the love of her life. But, will it all work out? Can she find a way to fix what she broke? Find out in 'Reasons (an unlucky fairy tale)'. All creadit for the cover goes to @CxssidySpencxr I got it from her movella Cxssidy's covers


6. Chapter 5

I awoke from the deep sleep I fell into the night before. I was alarmed when I saw Joe lurking in my room. He was searching for something. But, what? "Why are you in my room!" I squealed. Hurriedly, I got up and slapped his hand away from the perfume bottle he was fingering. Gross. "I don't even know you you shouldn't disrespect someone you don't know!" I said anger dripping from every word I said. "Woah! Calm down hot pants! I'm looking for an Avilyn" "A what? What's an Avilyn?" I question Joe. "Ah so it hasn't gotten here yet. That scum won't be getting his rewards. I told him to get it here before I left your town." he mumbled. I gave him a confused glare. "Well, if you don't have it, I guess I'll be going. It should get here by tomorrow night at midnight. Use it wisely my darling, or you'll end up like your father." With that he walked out. I wen to call after him but when I looked out into the hallway, he was gone. I rushed to the window and looked out onto the driveway. I waited for a full minute, and he never came. It's like he vanished into thin air. Where could he have gone?

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