Reasons Book#1

Kailee's life was completely normal, that is, until she met her uncle, Joe. He ruined her and her family's life. Flipped their entire world upside down. Kailee is given powers. Powers that her mother, Janelle, knew would soon become of her daughter. But, what will happen when Kailee uses her powers to go back in time and undo mistakes she made in the past. Her future is changed for the worst. On the roller coaster of Kailee's life she meets new friends, unknown family, and the love of her life. But, will it all work out? Can she find a way to fix what she broke? Find out in 'Reasons (an unlucky fairy tale)'. All creadit for the cover goes to @CxssidySpencxr I got it from her movella Cxssidy's covers


5. Chapter 4

                     "Hello Joe" Mom said answering the door. She said it challengingly though. Like she didn't want him here but she didn't have a choice. I feel bad now that I know she has been trying to protect me all these years from a man I never knew. He knows me, but I don't know him. It gives me this horrible feeling inside. Like I don't even know his middle name and he already wants to harm me, or at least that's what I think he wants to do. Maybe not, but why else would he suddenly show up in my life and decide to have a nice lunch with Liam, Mom, and his niece who didn't know he existed? 

                    Does Liam know about Uncle Joe? What will he do. How will Liam, my eight year old brother, react to his new uncle who probably was seeking money from his father's will. Which will not be happening. My father left nothing for anyone other than Mom, Liam, and I. If he knew he was going to die so soon he would have worked his tail off to make sure we would be okay after he was gone. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. He died two year's ago. He was murdered. No one knows how, why, or who. "That person is gonna pay and I will find a way to settle this feud the feud that caused it to kill your father and that will be the end."  Those were the exact words my mother spoke to me at his funeral.

                   One question was never answered though. 'Why wasn't the body in the casket?' I never asked this question, in fear of upsetting my mom. It kills me inside to see her and Liam so upset. That's why I couldn't be there when they finished putting the dirt on top of the empty casket. I couldn't stay and watch them cry their hearts out as his empty casket was buried. So, I went to pour my feelings out to my best friend, Lauren Manner. She is beautiful. She has long flowing dark brown hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes. She is almost always bubbly but when she's mad, she's MAD!

                  "Hello Earth to Kailee. He asked you a question." Liam said waving his hand in front of my face. "What? Who asked me what and could they repeat it please?" I said not knowing where my politeness came from. "I said hello I am your Father's brother,Joe, you must be Kailee. How are you?" Joe said with a smile. I can see straight through his gentlemanly attitude. Deep inside his soul there is an evil lurking. Getting ready to pounce any minute. I can feel it. It's coming. Whatever 'it' may be. Time to fend for myself.

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