Reasons Book#1

Kailee's life was completely normal, that is, until she met her uncle, Joe. He ruined her and her family's life. Flipped their entire world upside down. Kailee is given powers. Powers that her mother, Janelle, knew would soon become of her daughter. But, what will happen when Kailee uses her powers to go back in time and undo mistakes she made in the past. Her future is changed for the worst. On the roller coaster of Kailee's life she meets new friends, unknown family, and the love of her life. But, will it all work out? Can she find a way to fix what she broke? Find out in 'Reasons (an unlucky fairy tale)'. All creadit for the cover goes to @CxssidySpencxr I got it from her movella Cxssidy's covers


2. Chapter 1

           There it is. There is the thing that has changed my life sitting right there on my pillow. I want to snap it in half, but that would kill me. Although it ruined me, it has also helped me. I pace up and down the hall trying to figure out how to fix what I broke, if that's even possible.

3 days earlier

         "Kailee! Wake up it's almost time to go!" my mother screamed to me from the bottom of the stairs. I got up and got dressed into a pair of Series 31 jeans and a bright green Aeropostale t-shirt. I walked into the kitchen to see my brother, Liam, throwing bits of bacon into my favorite pair of Converse. "Liam! What do you think your doing! Stop it!" I yelled, taking the shoes and dumping all of the stinky shoe bacon on to his plate along with the edible bacon. "Hey! Now what am I gonna eat?!" he yealled as he threw his plate into the sink. "Mom! Liam threw his bacon into my converse and now they are all smelly and greasy and gross!" I yelled to my preoccupied mother who was in the dining room setting the table. "Why are you setting the table?" I asked in a confused tone. "Because your Uncle Tim and Aunt Linda are coming over for lunch and then for dinner your Uncle Joe is coming to discuss your Grandmother's will." What? I didn't even know I had an Uncle Joe. "Oh" That's all I could say was 'Oh'. I went up to my room to tidy up a bit. My Aunt Linda likes to come into my room and look at what I have so she knows what not to get me for christmas and my birthday. Some people call it nosey. I call it 'gifts I don't have walk all the way to the mall to return because I already have it'. There was a knock at the door just as i put the last sock into the hamper. Here goes nothing.


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