Missing Something

My name is Trenady Funk. My story is not the happiest but it could have been worst. Well at lest that's what i tell my self to try to keep myself from falling apart.


1. The beginning

I'm Trenady Funk. When I was 3 my dad (Alex) left me and my mom (Desteny). Then when I was 13 tribal things happened in my life. And I lost everything my boyfriend (Manwell Hefton), my best friend (Jewlia O'Conal),and my Mother. The only parent who actually cared about me was gone just like that, mom died in a car accident. After that I was sent to live with my dad who in the 10 years after he left had been remarried to this woman named Jenifer Green, moved from Massachusetts to California and had twins a boy (Mark) and a girl (Lindy) they were newborns when I moved in with them. And Jenifer had a son when they got married he's just a little older then me named Austin. The first couple days I was there were the weirdest...




I get off the plane in California. I grabbed my bags then went to the Starbucks which is where my dad told me to meet him and his new family. I walked up to a table and sat down then took out my phone and called my dad.


"Hello" he answered.

"Hey dad. I'm at the Starbucks where are you guys?"

"We're walking over right now" I look around and see a man, woman, boy about my age, and the man and woman are each caring baby carriers. Also the man was holding a phone to his ear and when he saw me waved at me. I hung up and walked over to them with my bags.

"Hey there Trenady! How was your flight? Dad booms.

"Hi,ok." I say vary quietly.

"This is Jenifer, Mark, Lindy and Austin" He says motioning to the woman then each carrier and lastly the boy standing behind Jenifer.

"Hi, I'm Trenady."I softly remark wondering what will happen when I move in with them.

"Hi, you can call me Jen" said the woman named Jenifer. I nodded looking up at the family before me. My eyes lingered on Austin longer then they should have , I looked him up and down and he seemed to be looking me up and down as well just before I looked away our eyes meet.Both of us knowing what the other had just done. I saw him blush slightly and felt my own checks heat up a bit. Luckily no one else saw.

"Hey Austin could you help Trenady with her bags since we have the babies to hold." Dad asks.

"Oh...Uhh...umm... Ya."Austin stutters then comes over and takes 2 of my 3 bags.

"Thanks Austin" I softly say.

He nods and remarks"No problem" well blushing slightly.


***End Flashback***



--- This is my first time publishing anything I wrote tell me what you think. Lilaclove :)

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