Missing Something

My name is Trenady Funk. My story is not the happiest but it could have been worst. Well at lest that's what i tell my self to try to keep myself from falling apart.


4. School

Austin's POV ;)


"I'll get you back for that Funk." I say trying to intimidate her but she just laugh then lick my nose and in my confusion she ran into the school. I sigh then chuckle before I go in school as well and head to my locker. Which just so happens to be a few lockers away from mine. 

"Hey guys" I say to my soccer friends who have lockers near mine.

"Hey Austin. How goes living with the loner hottie?" Asked Jeff, one of my soccer friends.

"Jeff, stop being a perv."

"What you saying you don't want to get with her?"

"You know I wouldn't even if I wanted to cause she is suppose to be like my sister."

"Well if you don't want her I'll willingly take her instead." Said Matt from next to me.

"No guys, she just a few months ago lost her mom and her boyfriend so no end of story."  After I said that the bell rang and we started heading to our first class which was the same cause we all had the the same classes. Tren had them to I can make sure no one messes with her.


---Sorry it took so long but my mom has been in the hospital twice resently and that kind of thing after school starts I should be more set in a pattern of adding to the story. Tell me what you think of Missing Something so far. Thanks!!!

Lilaclove :) 

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