Missing Something

My name is Trenady Funk. My story is not the happiest but it could have been worst. Well at lest that's what i tell my self to try to keep myself from falling apart.


6. Anna

Trenady's POV :P


"ERRRR!!!! ERRR!!! ERRRR!!!" my alarm clock goes off way too early in the morning, at least too early for my likings, I turn off the alarm clock and get up. I went and got dressed in blue short shorts and a purple top not caring too much about how I dress don't have anyone to impress cause int the months that I've been here I have made no friends. I quickly brush my blondish hair and go down stairs to the kitchen for some breakfast.


" Morning! Your birthday is coming up  next week right?" Jenn greets and asks as I walk into the kitchen.

" Yo and ya next Wednessday." I answer back as I grab a poptart for breakfast then go to toast it cause that's how I like mine.


~~~~At school~~~~~


I got to school and went strait to my locker, after I finish in my locker I turned to see a girl who I didn't recognize who looked vary lost.

" Hey do you need some help?" I inquired.

" Ya I'm new and looking for the office. Could you help me?" the girl with black hair, bright blue bangs and a  lip piercing said.

" Sure I can help fallow me. So I'm Trenady Funk what's your name?" I continued well leading her to the office.

" Ana Donalds, thanks for helping me it would have taken me forever to find the office other wise."

" It's ok, I actually have only been here a couple months, so where are you from Ana?"

" Georgia my dad got a new job so we had to move."

" Cool well here we are you want me to go in with you to get your schedule?" I asked as we arrived at the office.

" Would you please" after agreeing we went in and got her schedule which luckly was the same as mine so we headed off to class. After after 2 classes we were off to lunch.

" Lets go sit outside" I said after we got our lunches, it was a sunny day and pretty hot but not too too hot. We went and found a spot to sit under a tree so we were in the shade, we eat and talked I learned Ana has brother who is 15 (a year older then her, she is 14) named Brendan, she likes to mess around, prank people, and play Just Dance. After lunch we went to the rest of our classes and over the time became pretty good friends.



---Hope that's good, this is Ana 

Hope you like her! She is actually baced on a few of my closest friends so ya. Love up the story and all that good stuffs!!!


Lilaclove :)

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