Missing Something

My name is Trenady Funk. My story is not the happiest but it could have been worst. Well at lest that's what i tell my self to try to keep myself from falling apart.


5. After School

Trenady's POV :P


School went by as always no one really has tried to talk to me I sit alone at lunch and no body talks to me unless they must its pretty much like I'm invisible but I can't complain. Now I'm waiting outside the school for Ausie who my dad and Jen said I had to walk home with. When Ausie FINALLY came out of the school his hair was all messed up and his arm was around this sl*ty brunette cheerleader who I recognized to be the captain her hair was also messed up and her shirt was on backwards. Right away I know why Ausie came out of school late. He hadn't seen me so before he did I turned to walk home and started off keeping my head down hoping that he wouldn't be able to see who I was or at least that was my hope but with my luck lately he know who I was.


"Tren wait up!" he yelled and I heard his foot steps as he walked quickly closer to me. I speed up but he caught up to me, grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. "Why were you walking away from me?"


"I don't appreciate having to wait for you and your sl*t to have s*x before I can go home" I remark.


"What do you mean Tren?"


"Don't play dumb with me d*ckhead!" I answer and then he's silent the rest of the walk home. When we got home he unlocked the door, walked in and tried to close the door in my face but I caught it before it hit me.


"Thanks" I say sarcastically to him.


"Oh good you're home Trenady could you watch Mark and Lindy for a bit before your dad gets home I have to leave for work. I feed them 10 minutes ago so they should be good for the hour till Alex gets here." Jen tells me and hands me the twins.


"Ok, I guess I can" I say well adjusting the twins in my arms. Well Jen goes to the door saying a quick goodbyes before she left. 'Well I guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day cause dad never comes home right after work so I'm on twin control for a the time being.' I thought.


---Hope you like this chapter! I'll try to updata more often. Tell me what you think don't forget to like and favorite!


Lilaclove :)

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