Teach Me to Love Again

Grace is a girl with her whole life in front of her, even though her parents left her junior year. She had a college scholarship for soccer, an amazing boyfriend, and her best friend Louis was going to the same college as her, but that all changed the night of the accident.


1. Senior Party

    "Come on Gracie, you have to go." Louis begged me over the phone. "Why should I go when you can't even follow my one rule to not call me Gracie you douche." Louis is in the midst of trying to get me to go to the end of senior year party. "Hey I'm no douche. Pretty please Gracie. Your boy toy is going to be there." "My boy toy?" I laughed, "He's been my boyfriend for 2 years now, I think we are past the boy toy phase." "Ooo you guys are getting more serious." I rolled my eyes. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" "How'd you know?'' "I just know. Now are you going or not woman?" I sighed "I guess I'll go and have a little fun before college." He fangirled and then hung up for me to get read and then I headed out.

    I met up with Louis at the party and decided to surprise my boyfriend. I started asking people if they knew where he was, but they had no clue. We were walking aroung talking to people when we ran into Kyle. "Oh hey Grace and Louis." He said "Hey Kyle do you know where Jake is by any chance?" "Um I'm pretty sure he is in my room changing. Some idiot spilled something on him." "Oh okay thanks. I'm just going to hang out and wait for him." We said good-bye and me and Louis went to go hang out.

    "Okay Gracie I hate to be the bringer of bad news," Louis said as we sat down outside, "but I'm giving up my college scholarship to audition for the X-Factor.'' I was in shock. "Wait why are you doing this?" "I feel like this is what I really wan to do and I'm going to chase after my dream." "Are you kidding me?!" "Please don't be mad." "How could I not be mad! You are throwing precious things away that are real for what a dream! Our friendship is being thrown away." "Nothing is going to ruin our friendship." I started to tear up. "Yes it will because if you go far with this you are just going to leave me in the dust and eventually forget about me just like my parents." His face dropped. "I will never be like your parents." "Just go. I'm going to go find Jake. Good-bye Louis and good luck." I got up and left to Kyle's room to find Jake.

    I walked straight into the room and was horrified with the scene in front of me. "Ryan?" I choked out. He looked at me with complete shock and pushed off the skank that was on top of him. "Oh Grace." He shook his head. "I can't believe you..you douche bag!" I took off my promise ring he gave me and threw it at him. "Ah come on babe, this was bound to happen at some point. You really didn't think we'd be together forever did you." He looked at me and my tear stained face and then laughed. "Don't you dare ever call me babe you dick!" I stormed out of the house not stopping for anyone and took off in my car. I couldn't see anything my vision was blurred with tears and rage and then everything went dark.

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