Teach Me to Love Again

Grace is a girl with her whole life in front of her, even though her parents left her junior year. She had a college scholarship for soccer, an amazing boyfriend, and her best friend Louis was going to the same college as her, but that all changed the night of the accident.


2. My Life

    It's been 4 years since that accident, since waking up in the hospital completely terrified because I couldn't feel my legs. I went crazy the doctors couldn't calm me down until I finally wore myself out and they explained everything to me. How I ran a red light and truck hit. How I nearly died, but I luckily made it out. But now 4 years later I'm still pretty depressed. I mean who wouldn't be I only have one true friend named Maggie everyone else left me because I was suicidal and no longer was a big time soccer player with a hot boyfriend. I even lost my child hood best friend. Everything was stripped away from me and I was handed a wheelchair. 

    "Gracer it's summer and we're all dying to know what you are going to be doing." Maggie said pointing the camera at me. You see after I lost my scholarship because I couldn't play soccer, I met Maggie and we decided it would be pretty cool to start a YouTube Channel together and before we knew it we were famous and making tons of money. "Well Maggers and my fellow MGs (what we call are fans) I will be going to a concert of Maggie's choosing. It will be a complete mystery to me because she is not going to tell me. Lord help me." I gave her the evil eye and she just smiled and turned the camera towards herself. "Okay so we are going to get ready and hen check back into you guys later. Catch you on the flip side." She waved and then turned off the camera. 

    We got ready and Maggie pretty much told me what to wear since I had no clue who we were going to see. We then uploaded our vlog after some editing and then started a new one. 

    When we started to get close Maggie decided to blindfold me and knowing me I start to object this. Holding the camera I was explaining how this was torture and probably illegal. We got out after what seemed like the longest drive ever and she wheeled me to the entrance. I was guessing some people recognized us because I could hear them asking for pictures which was awkward because I was still blindfolded. When we finally got to our seats Maggie took the blindfold off and I was greeted to the stage of one of the biggest boy bands in the world...

One Direction and in that band held my former best friend in which my heart dropped just thinking about him...

Louis Tomlinson. 

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