Teach Me to Love Again

Grace is a girl with her whole life in front of her, even though her parents left her junior year. She had a college scholarship for soccer, an amazing boyfriend, and her best friend Louis was going to the same college as her, but that all changed the night of the accident.


3. Long Time, No See

    The concert was good, I don't think Louis noticed me that was until the guys stopped. "Okay guys, we have ourselves some special guests with us tonight." Liam spoke "With us tonight we have..." Niall said then cued for a drum roll. "The YouTubers themselves.." Harry said walking toward the side of the stage where we were sitting and I shot daggers at Maggie. "Magger and Gracer!" Zayn shouted excitedly and the boys motioned for us to come up. Maggie was super excited, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Louis would think. I don't think he knows about my paralyzed state since he stopped talking to me after I left him at the party. I guess I can say I was right, he really did forget about me. 

    As Maggie got up and wheeled me to the ramp connected to the stage, I could only look at my hands in my lap. When we were on the stage everyone was cheering and I looked up and saw how in shock Louis was. Yeah that's right Louis a lot can happen when you don't contact someone for 4 years. Maggie took out our camera and began recording. "Alright MGs we are on stage with the one and only One Direction!" She was so giddy. She pointed the camera at the guys and they all waved except Louis whose eyes were glued to me. I smiled and waved at him causing him to snap out of it and turn back toward the guys. I was then handed a microphone and I wheeled myself to center stage. Well here goes nothing.

    "Hello my fellow MGs/Directioners." I said and everyone was cheering. "Okay, okay calm down you crazy people." One last person shouted I love you "And I love you random citizen" I said and pointed toward their direction. "Okay now to be serious for a second. I would just like to thank you guys so much because without you I would have nothing. You were everything when everybody else left me. So thank you and I love you. Alright catch you on the flip side." I handed the microphone back and Maggie wheeled me off the stage. 

    The rest of the concert was great, but I couldn't help but notice how much Louis was staring at me the whole time. Like geez take a picture it'll last longer. When the concert was over I was ready to just leave because that was enough for the day, but some guy came by and guided us tot he backstage area. Great now I'm going to have to talk to Louis. 


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