I Never Imagined

Lesley Diggory is a pureblood witch. When she goes to Hogwarts, there are things that she doesn't expect.


21. Chapter 21

That summer went by, once I got on the train, I sat next to Ginny and across from Neville.

This was my last year at Hogwarts. We heard noise and turned around to find Death Eaters.

"He's not here." Neville said to them.

Out of anger, they apparated out of the train.

We soon reached Hogwarts and went to the main hall. I sat next to Seamus and Ginny. Snape stood in front of everyone.

"I'm your new headmaster and there will be a few changes here at Hogwarts. Alecto Carrow will be in charge of Muggle Studies. Amycus Carrow will be in charge of Defense Against the Dark Arts. They are Deputy Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster." Snape said.

What? This can't be!

"Snape's the headmaster now? I can't believe it." I whispered to Seamus shocked.

"Nor can I." He whispered back.

"And another thing." Snape said,"Slughorn will be the head of Slytherin. We will also be checking your blood status. This year there will be no muggle born witches or wizards."


"He can't do that. Can he?" I whispered to Seamus.

"Well he is Headmaster." Seamus whispered back,"But we don't have to worry, since we're purebloods."

I relaxed,"Yeah. You're right."

The next day, we were in Muggle Studies with Alecto Carrow. I sat next to Seamus.

"Muggles are a bunch of stupid filthy animals. They drove us into hiding by being vicious to us. But now the tables will turn on them." She said.

What? No! They are friendly.

"You're wrong!" I spat as I stood up. "Lesley sit down, it isn't worth it." Seamus said trying to pull me down in my seat.

"Ah Lesley Diggory, you're very brave to say that." She said. She looked at my robe,"Ah a Gryffindor. That explains your bravery. Now this is what I do to students who don't obey. Watch closely class."

"Come here." She said. I did as she did and I found myself in front of the class.

"Crucio!" Alecto yelled as she pointed her wand at me.

I fell down and began to scream. It was very painful.

"Have you learned your lesson yet, Miss Diggory?" She asked.

I couldn't find the words and she did the spell again. I screamed once more.

"How about now?"

I nodded as I got up.

"Good, you can sit now." She said with a smile.

After classes, we went back to the common room.

"Are you alright?" Seamus asked.

"Yeah." I managed to say.

"Her punishments are cruel." Ginny said.

I nod.

"Maybe it'll get better." I suggest."I'm going to bed."

I got up and Ginny followed me to the girls room. I really hope it gets better.

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